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Time Matters for Women

Workshops and Seminars
Needs Assessment

Individuals complete a self assessment, then receive an analysis of their specific time challenges, and guidance as to where to begin.  During this initial consultation they are also provided with a customized plan of action which includes a suggested schedule for training and coaching.


Training has been proven to have a much greater impact if is followed up with coaching. Whether by building on what you have learned in one of our workshops or helping you to jump start your efforts after you have completed a Needs Assessment, our coaches will keep you on track and moving forward. Time Matters provides you with a coach who will remind you of your greatness, provide tools and strategies when you are stuck, and challenge you in spite of your fears. By asking provocative questions and providing direct advice, information, and ongoing support, our coaches will move you to the next level of productivity and effectiveness.

Study Groups

We believe it is what happens in your life after the workshops and training that really counts, so we offer study groups to keep you on track. Created to provide ongoing support for our participants, study groups help you to apply what you learned during the workshops at home and at work.  Sessions explore the following questions: