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Time Matters for the Woman Business Owner

What Matters can show you practical skills and strategies that leaders, managers, and staff all can use to regain control of their time, improve their productivity, and find a healthy work/life balance. These services are designed to meet the individual and organizational needs of a changing workplace.


Maryellen shares her own experience as a business owner, working parent, consultant, and trainer to demonstrate that anyone can become more effective and productive.  She will define common workplace challenges as well as solutions, and will motivate and entertain while she informs.

Needs Assessment

An organizational assessment and/or individual staff assessments are completed and an analysis of specific time challenges and guidance as to how to begin addressing them is presented.  During this initial consultation you are also provided with a customized plan of action and a suggested schedule for training and coaching, designed to meet the organization's goals and objectives.


Training has been proven to have a much greater impact if it is followed up with coaching. Time Matters' coaching program provides you with a partner who will reinforce what has been taught during training and to provide tools and strategies. By asking provocative questions and providing direct advice, information, and ongoing support, our coaches will move you to the next level of productivity and effectiveness.

Workplace Training

Workplace training is designed to help employees improve and upgrade their time management skills, recover lost time, focus on priorities, and work less while accomplishing more. This training helps to identify what matters most and reduce time wasted on distractions.  It has been designed for every employee and team who struggles with multiple roles and responsibilities and wants to become more focused and productive.