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Welcome to What Matters
Making Time Work for you

Time is a precious resource.  How you use it determines the quality of your life and your work.  What Matters' core mission is to lead, teach, and inspire individuals, businesses, and organizations to transform their relationship to time, increase their effectiveness, and enhance the quality of their lives and their contribution to the world.

Time Matters' consulting, training, and coaching models are proven to be successful.  What Matters' products and services will transform your relationship to time. You will identify what really matters to you and your business or organization, and how to use your time more productively and efficiently. You will overcome the hidden obstacles that hold you back from realizing and achieving your potential. 

If there is one word to describe the What Matters' philosophy, that word is “ACTION!”  Our seminars are extraordinary – informative, challenging, and motivating. Utilizing high-impact techniques that allow participants to learn faster and have fun, you will experience both immediate and long term positive change.

Do you want to

Then check out the opportunities available to you through Time Matters in the Workplace and Time Matters for Women.

What participants have to say…

I have to thank you for your program.  It was excellent and planted the seed for wanting to continue on this path.  As a result of the workshop, I have become more forgiving of myself, taken more time to do more things for my own well-being.  I am multitasking less. 
Nancy V. musician and school teacher

I appreciate the flexibility of your approach, your sense of humor and the heart that you brought to your subject expertise.
Maria S., Technology Project Manager, “Big Four” accounting firm

I’m writing to thank you for the series of time management trainings you skillfully facilitated for my staff of health educators and outreach workers.  The staff were a bit skeptical at the beginning – “I have too much to do to try new things……”

Three months later they have incorporated their new skills and are using the tools you taught us effectively.  Staff have gotten a much better sense of how much time it actually takes to accomplish tasks, scheduled time at the end of each day to prioritize for the next day, and begin the day with those priorities before getting hooked into email or other distractions.

Part Three of the series on organizing office space led to a major overhaul in three of our five offices!  Documents are in folders, files have been purged and supplies are easily reachable from the desk.

I look forward to your newsletter and appreciated the articles you forwarded specific to the questions raised by the staff.

Thank you for making such a positive difference in how we organize and manage our time.

Tina Robie
Vice President of Education and Training
Planned Parenthood, Mid Hudson Valley

About Maryellen

MaryEllen Whittington-Couse
Maryellen is a life-long learner who has taken many risks in her career.  In creating What Matters, she drew upon her personal experience as a full-time working mother and her extensive research on time management and personal growth.

For over 20 years Maryellen has consulted with and trained teachers, business and education leaders, and non-profit organizations, with a focus on time management, personal effectiveness, and diversity in the workplace. 

She has a Master’s in International Administration with a concentration in Management and Training from the School of International Training, and certification in Diversity Management from the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University.